Complete Package - Lamp and Shade

Cockatoo with Yellow Crest Lampbase with 35cm Yellow Dot Shibori Shade

Finished height is 60cm.


We have made your life easier!

This Table Lamp has already a Shade included.

We have chosen a suitable combination so you don't have to contemplate and worry about it.

(or if you do want to choose the lamp and shade combination yourself go back to the Lamp page and then the Shade page to make your selections).


Australian standard lamp fitting.

Hand painted and gloss glazed.


"The Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo can be found in every state and territory of Australia".

Cockatoo with Yellow Crest Lamp with Shade

  • Each Studio Australia piece is made by hand in our studio based in the Riverina, NSW, Australia. We are a family business dedicated to our craft of ceramics with many, many years of experience.

    Our designs are crafted from white earthenware clay, slip-cast into unique molds, fired, painted and glazed multiple times.

    Slight variations may occur giving each piece it's own unique personality.

    Australian Ceramic Art since 1990.


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Free Shipping Australia Wide