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About the studio team

Ula and Sonya, the mother-and-daughter duo from the Mid North Coast, NSW are carrying on the tradition of crafting the beloved ceramic birds.

Ranging from lamp bases, statues, and figurines to flying wall birds and animals we have something big or small to suit everyone's love for Australian animals.

Studio Australia's lamp collection showcases colourful birdlife with our own handmade lampshades chosen to provide a wonderful lamp and shade combination that will be the WOW piece in any room.


History of Studio Australia

Studio Australia is a family business that has been creating ceramics since 1990 in Wagga Wagga in the Riverina, New South Wales. Dawn, Cynthia and John along with their long time staff  Kerry and Lindy were proud manufactures of Australian Ceramics for over three decades. 


Our Australian Wall Birds hark back to the popular 20th century Flying Ducks first produced in 1938, that Nanna had on the wall. We reinvented these quirky wall ornaments into an Australian version to fly across your walls today.

Creation Process

Our ceramic methods are a combination of skills learnt over many, many years. Some of these manufacturing techniques are old Italian skills, some methods were learnt in Jingdezhen, China and some are unique to our workshop that have evolved over time to produce our unique style of ceramics.

All our birds are carefully slip cast by hand using white earthenware clay. The birds are complex and often require careful adding of the head, legs, wings and tail to achieve a life like version of Australia's birdlife. Colour choice and brushwork are also important in the painting stage as is the glazing and multiple firing.

The end result is a unique handmade piece of Ceramic Art; we hope any purchase you make from us or our stockists will be treasured for many years to come.


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Port Macquarie NSW Australia 

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