Pink and Grey Australian Galah Table Lamp

Handpainted and Gloss Glazed

Exclusive to Studio Australia

46cm tall

Shade not included, choose a shade separately.

We suggest a 30cm or 35cm drum shade.


The galah, also known as the pink and grey cockatoo or rose-breasted cockatoo. Found throughout Australia, it is among the most common of the cockatoos.

Galah Table Lamp

  • Each Studio Australia piece is made by hand in our studio based in the Riverina, NSW, Australia. We are a family business dedicated to our craft of ceramics with many, many years of experience.

    Our designs are crafted from white earthenware clay, slip-cast into unique molds, fired, painted and glazed multiple times.

    Slight variations may occur giving each piece it's own unique personality.

    Australian Ceramic Art since 1990.